favorite dish

I am all for finding a vintage knick-knack or a unique item at a thrift store. My eye seems to catch any 35mm camera or dainty teacup; however, lately, I have been in search for old recipe boxes. Especially ones that actually contain old written out recipes or family favorites.


To me, holding these old recipe boxes represents holding past stories or memories that need to be continued or preserved. They need to be loved and used, because they were probably held to that standard at one point in their lives to another family. These boxes contain recipes that were special or someone’s “favorite” dish and to continue their legacy, I am determined to go through these recipe boxes, creating these delicacies for my friends and families. Therefore, every now and then, I will be making a favorite dish that was found in either of my recipe boxes, sharing their ingredients and how they turned out. That way I am promoting their goodness as well as finding new favorite dishes to make for the future.






suitably warm

My incorrigibly bitter fingers were the reoccurring asset of my body that never changed. The ravishing winters and the occasional frozen food isle tended to be the ironic “hotspot” of their emergence. For such time, my fingers had to hide in sheer coat pockets or under poorly insulated mits; however it was until I held your hands that my fingers sensed a suitable warmth. Suitable in the fact that it was acceptable, satisfactory and ultimately fitting that my benumbed fingers would soon find the proper warmth they had been yearning for but never gathered. It was from that warmth that the once lukewarm tendencies my fingers had to experience no longer existed. They felt no fear of tenderness during those wintery months, nor the frostbite from a pack of frozen peas or a gallon of ice cream. Instead, within your hands they felt irrevocably & suitably warm.